Dr Dileep Agnihotri

Education Minister Dr Ramesh Pokhriaal Nishnk e-inaugurated the two day World Urdu Webinar. organised by the National Council For Promotion of Urdu Language. Vice Chairman, NCPUL,Shahid Akhtar and Director,Aqueel Ahmed also graced the event with their presence.
What binds India culturally in terms of linguistic harmony is the conglomeration of Urdu and Hindi, also known as Hindustani as also pointed out by the celebrated Sufi poet cum saint, Hazrat Ameer Khusro as well as by Meer Asr and later, Mirza Ghalib.
Care has been taken by the Indian Constitution for allowing the flourishing of all the languages including Urdu, that since its inception, has been truly and purely, an Indian language. Urdu has been one of the 22 languages accepted by the Schedule 8 of Indian Constitution.

We are proud that our able governance has assured that Urdu flourishes and hence the NCPUL, the largest Urdu government institution in the world, has been busy promoting the language in all its parameters. At the behest of Ministry of Education, Urdu has prospered by leaps and bounds.


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