Dr Dileep Agnihotri

Important decisions were taken in High level Nigrani Committee. Journal Secretary, Dr. Raghvendra Shukla, Gomti nagar Jan Kalyan Maha Samiti informs that Commissioner DM and other official praises working of Gomti nagar Jal kalyan maha samiti and Nigrani Committee. Nigrani Committee meeting headed by Commissioner Sri Mukesh Meshram DM Sri Abhishek Prakash Municipal Commissioner Dr Indra Mani Tripathi held at Auditorium Of Jaipuria Institute Of Management Gomtinagar Lucknow which was attended by Zonal Officer Sri Rajesh Singh , Ex Engg Mahesh Verma, Gomtinagar Jankalyan Mahasamit President Dr BN Singh General Secretary Dr Raghvendra Shukla, Roop kr Sharma Secretary ,Parshad Gana, Mahasamit Ward nigrani Prabhari Sri RP Shukla, Alok Misra , Amit Sharma, Vinod Tiwari, BL Tiwari, Jitendra pande, Dharmendra Soni, Nandini Misra, Kamal Prakash, Pratibha Shahi, Abhai Rupnwar Zone-4 Officials, Asha Bahans.

Commissioner Meshram ji& DM appreciated the social work of Mahasamit done during Corona crisis. Arun Tiwari Parsad requested to immediately issue Rashan Card, Mahasamit General Secretary Requested to issue ICard, License to Street venders Vegetables & Fruits supplyers which was accepted by Commissioner, DM , Municipal Commissioner. DM told 3 points – that Nigrani Committee Prabhari will be provided safety kits, & Prabhari May arrange their publicity in their areas and inform authorities any visitors from within India n Foreign visitors. Janjagran Programs. A toll free no is going to be launched shortly. Dr Raghvendra Shukla Given Homeopathy Medicine to Commissioner, DM, Municipal Commissioner n others. Meeting concluded after that by Dr Indra Mani Tripathi Ngr Ayukt Ngr Nigam Lucknow.


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