Dr Dileep Agnihotri

It is always important to work with principles of morality in day to day life and follow Vedic cultural routine for development of civilisation and individual life, as Suresh Chandra Central Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission, Govt. Of India said. He was invited by Think India Uttar Pradesh to deliver an online talk on the topic ‘Law, Life and Morality’. He delivered a talk and discussed variety of issues pertaining to jurisprudence of Life and Morality.

Sh. Gaurav Karvaria State Convenor, Think India told that Sh. Suresh Chandra discusses the concept of life in terms of Vedas and Gita. He elaborated Lord Krishna’s concept of karma and tell the students and young people to imbibe the principles of Karma in their life. He further elaborated on the concept of Ram Rajya in the context of Constitution and vedas.He also explained the significance of Constitution in spreading morality and further expanded it in terms of Constitutional Morality. He said every part of the Constitution of India explains different morals in its conception. He also said law can only progress when the young generation follow cherished principles of Vedic culture.

He also maintained that law must always be understood in the context of dharma. He clarified that dharma and Ram Rajya is the only solution for qualitative life. He also compared moksha with law as a command of god. He also emphasise on notion of morality with law. He said law stands with morality when there is obedience by people at large. He said that the soul of human being is pure and it is influenced by karma and moral conscience. He said the connection of life, law and morality shall remain till the end of human civilisation and hence we must respect it with our own historical cultural identity.


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