1500 Doctors Organization BMB’s Very Helpful and A Unique Project 

Amit Mishra ( Bureau Chief , Mumbai )

Borivali Medical Brotherhood (BMB), an association of over 1500 doctors, keeping its social responsibility in mind, have been silently doing a lot of supportive work during this corona pandemic for the society.

A unique project which BMB initiated was a medical help for those people who are corona positive and have been advised home isolation by MCGM ( Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai ).

This service, Covid Home Isolation Care Kit (CHICK), is run by BMB under Presidency of Dr Nimesh P. Mehta (Eye Surgeon) with Dr Alpa N Mehta and Dr Rajesh Panchal as Project Coordinators. The team includes doctors of various specialities including Chest Physicians, Gen Physicians, Pediatricians, Radiologist, Pathologists, Dieticians, etc and provide medical support & treatment to Covid positive patients who are advised home isolation.

Dr Alpa N Mehta said “We started this project 2 months back and we got more than 1500 calls asking for support on home isolation care. We follow the protocols as set by MCGM when seeing if the patient is eligible for home isolation. Around 278 patients have gone through successfully through our project & all being recovered fully.  We are happy to announce that most of our patients are recovering well at home with our support & only 5 required hospitalizations as they needed hospital care for their other illnesses. We are of the opinion that mild symptomatic patients can be treated at home and they need not be admitted in hospital. This will make more hospital beds available for patients who really need them. In fact, that is our main objective, to reduce the load on the healthcare system.”

Dr Rajesh Panchal said “Our home care kit includes digital thermometer, pulse oxymeter, medicines, masks, and disinfectants which are home delivered to the patient’s home. Our doctors call them everyday and monitor their health. We also provide oxygen concentrators to our enrolled patients who need it during the course of our treatment & only under our physicians virtual monitoring. Our team also does blood tests and X-rays at the patients home itself. One recent development we notice is that we are getting entire families as Covid positive, including children. We have some very good pediatricians who look after our tiny patients!”

Dr Nimesh P.Mehta, BMB President said “A lot of societies and building complexes are giving their covid patient care to us. We help them set up a seperate isolation area for those who test positive, in their own building or society.  Our services have gone beyond Mumbai suburbs with one family from Surat who enrolled in our teleconsultation services. We also have treated a lot of patients from central suburbs too. We believe… this is the way we can reduce work load on hospitals as well as reduce financial burden on people who become victims of Corona virus. We proudly say that under our treatment regime for properly selected cases for home isolation & monitoring of them by our expert doctors team, we have achieved a 100% RECOVERY WITH NO MORTALITY .”


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