Dr. Dilip Agnihotri


Developed countries had also included the health sector prominently in their development journey. Even today this becomes a major issue in the elections there. Even the slightest negligence towards it weighs heavily on the ruling party. On the other hand this sector was neglected in India for decades. The Narendra Modi government has paid serious attention to this. That’s right, the corona crisis was unexpected. There had not been such an epidemic in a century. Before that there was an outbreak of plague. This information comes from books. The world was not ready to compete with Corona. During this also, the Narendra Modi government made efforts on a war footing. Narendra Modi addressed the doctors. His services during the Corona period were described as commendable. In this sequence, he told the achievements of his government in the medical field. He said that healthcare has been given top priority. During the first wave of Corona, we had allocated fifteen thousand crore rupees to improve our health infrastructure. This year there is a budget allocation of more than two lakh crore rupees for healthcare. The previous governments did not give due attention to the health sector. Medical infrastructure was not strengthened for decades. The focus of the present government is on medical infrastructure. A credit guarantee scheme of Rs 50,000 crore was launched to strengthen the health infrastructure. Now new AIIMS are being opened rapidly in the country. New medical colleges are being built. Modern health infrastructure is being created. Before the present government, there were only six AIIMS in the country. The work of fifteen AIIMS started in the last seven years. The number of medical colleges has also increased by about one and a half times.
PM Narendra Modi also promoted yoga on Doctors Day. He said that when doctors study yoga, the whole world takes it more seriously.

Vaidyo Narayano Hariah

On the occasion of Doctor’s Day, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu mentioned the ancient Indian gnome. In which it was said – Vaidyo Narayano Harih. Doctors are looked upon with great respect and reverence in the Indian society. The Vice President urged the doctors to work with affection while treating the patients.

save the savior

This year the theme of Doctor’s Day is ‘Save the Savior’ i.e. Protect the Defenders. The Vice President also mentioned this. Said that there is a great need to ensure the welfare and safety of the people. These same doctors are saving us from this calamity during the unprecedented health disaster of Corona. Appreciated the scientists, researchers and doctors in connection with the country’s internal strength of knowledge and trained manpower, who competed with the times to develop safe and effective vaccines and prepared essential equipment like PPE kits, testing kits and ventilators. He said that the fear of vaccine prevailing in some sections also has to be removed and the vaccination campaign will have to be made a true all India campaign.


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