There are shows which are puke worthy, regressive and are repulsive: Ankit Siwach on content on TV

Amit Mishra ( Bureau Chief, Mumbai )

” Beyhadh 2″ actor Ankit Siwach spoke about the kind of content shown on TV and said that there are shows which are too regressive and repulsive in many ways. However, he admits that the content on TV is very tricky to be judged.

Ankit made his acting debut with TV show “Rishton Is Chakravyuh” in 2017. He has been a part of shows like “Manmohini”, “Beyhadh 2”, and is currently seen as the host of travel show “Safarnama “.

“The content on television is very tricky to be judged. The corporates are infusing a lot of money and they know what the audience wants, they are catering to all age groups, mostly the women of our country. There are shows which are puke worthy, regressive and are repulsive in many ways but there are shows which are empowering women and talking sense as well, there is a list of makers who are directly infusing poison into the society while on the other hand, there are people working towards bringing the change we are waiting for,” he said.

But with the OTT platforms in demand these days he is hopeful that content-wise the space will change.

“With OTT platforms coming in approach, hopefully the whole scenario is going to change and helpless over dressed women won’t be getting exploited by dumb jobless drunk husbands or proud angry envious mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws. Rather they would be joining the forces, doing something worthwhile, leading a ‘normal life’, chasing dreams and TV families would be talking ‘sense’ for a change. The audience needs to be exposed to the brighter side of life, it is in the hands of the makers to bring a positive change in our country, there has to be a balance between business and responsible content,” he said.

When Asked how important it is as an actor to be experimental ?

He said, “As important it is for a farmer to keep sowing and harvesting every year, or as important as a doctor’s regular studies as he needs to be ready for every random change in his patients. There is no other way to live a fulfilling career rather than experimenting, introspecting and improving day by day.”

He is hopeful that in the coming years the TV industry will change for good, and the storytelling approach will also change.

“There has been a positive shift towards good logical shows, we still need to work a lot on getting to the right track like the late 80s to the late 90s when the Indian TV lived its golden age. We had the best stories, amazing writing, realistic characters, progressive approach towards society and relatable content. Ironically, we need to drive our content in reverse gear in order to move forward. OTT platforms have created a pool of content for the audience to choose and if a massive shift happens to OTT, then definitely TV industry will have to change its ways of showcasing stories. In the end, it’s all business,” Ankit signed off.


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