Dr. Dilip Agnihotri


During the earlier governments, during which average 3% purchases were made from the agricultural market, middlemen dominated. Who kept the Swaminathan report for eight years, did not increase the minimum support price like the present government, who could not remove the shortage of urea, did not try to stop its black marketing, irrigation projects worth lakhs of crores were kept pending, now he is three Calling agricultural laws black. included in the demand for their return. Now the direct benefits of the three agricultural laws are also visible. The maximum purchase of agricultural produce from the agricultural market was from Punjab and Haryana. Here, for the first time, 100% payment of their produce was made to the farmers directly in their accounts. The middleman system ended. Farmers got the benefit of this. The Center had imposed a condition on the Punjab government for 100% payment to the farmers. It was implemented. Even after this, it is meaningless to continue the agitation in the name of farmers. Many leaders have distanced themselves from this movement. This movement was confined to the Delhi border from the very beginning. It never got the support of the farmers of the country. Now it has become a mere display of political power of an organization. In such a situation, it is ridiculous for the main opposition party like Congress to run behind this movement. This has raised questions on the Congress itself. His attachment to the previous system is astonishing. He should tell how beneficial the previous system was for the welfare of the farmers. Or how much welfare he did for the farmers in that system. Congress leaders are avoiding all such questions. Examples of farmers’ land purchases in Amethi’s Mega Food Park, Samrat Cycle, Haryana and Rajasthan were visible in the previous system itself. Such people are now becoming sympathizers of farmers. They should tell why these people are so crazy about the previous system. There was already a lack of principles in the ongoing movement in the name of farmers, now there is also a lack of numbers and leadership. This movement has become a mere gathering of supporters of a particular leader. Many farmer leaders have not only separated from the movement, but they have also made serious allegations against the movement. In such a situation, the tractor journey of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is in discussion. He reiterated the demand for the movement. Said that the farmer’s land would go away. Therefore, all three agricultural laws should be withdrawn. Whereas the purpose of the new agricultural laws is to make arrangements to reach the benefits directly to the farmers. Agricultural Produce Trade and Commerce Promotion and Facilitation Price Assurance and Farmer Protection and Empowerment on Agricultural Services and Essential Commodities Amendment Bill to directly benefit farmers and get rid of middlemen. According to Rahul Gandhi, the three black laws of the Modi government are a fatal attack on the farmer, agricultural labourer. So that neither they get minimum support price and entitlement and farmers sell their land to capitalists under compulsion.

Rahul has termed it another anti-farmer conspiracy of Modi. But now through law the farmer will be the master of his own will. Traders will also be able to buy farmers’ crops outside the market. Earlier, the procurement of crops was done only in the market. The Mandis operated under the Act of the States will also continue to operate as per the State Governments. There is a provision to ensure payment of farmers. The delivery receipt with the mention of the due payment amount will be given to the farmers on the same day. It has provision to empower the farmers to negotiate with the traders regarding the price. A Board will be constituted to resolve the disputes, which will be resolved within thirty days. Transportation cost, marketing charges charged for selling the products in the mandis will be reduced. Farmers will have complete freedom to sell their produce. The farmer will be empowered by the Agreement Act. The government will protect his interests. There will be no wastage of food grains by increasing investment. Consumers will also get the freedom to buy the product directly from the farm or farmer. With no tax levied, the farmer will get a higher price. Consumers will also get commodities at low prices, quality seeds will be supplied to the contracted farmers, assured technical assistance, monitoring of crop health, credit facilities and crop insurance will be provided. The government is constantly trying to benefit the farmers. Many unprecedented steps have been taken during the last six years. Never before had such facilities been provided to them. The UPA government had waived the loans of farmers once in ten years. But at that time the farmers did not have Jan Dhan accounts. In such a situation, the farmers did not get enough benefit of this loan waiver. But the UPA government kept calling this its achievement. Because he did not have much to say in the name of farmer interest. Whereas the Narendra Modi government has excellent achievements in this field. Now farmers are getting direct benefits of government schemes. Negative politics is going on in the name of farmers. But its area is very limited. Narendra Modi mentioned this. Said that a big conspiracy is going on around Delhi to mislead the farmers. Farmers are being scared. They are being told that after the new agricultural reforms, the farmers’ land will be taken over by others. While there is no basis to think so. In Gujarat, business is going on on contract basis between livestock farmers and companies. Dairyers enter into contracts to get milk from cattle owners, but it has never happened that entrepreneurs have taken cattle from pastoralists. The farmers are getting benefits from this scheme. The farmer is also getting similar benefits. Its arrangement has been many in the new agricultural law. Entrepreneurs engaged in fruit vegetable business do not occupy the land of the farmer. Dairy industry contributes more than twenty five percent to the total value of the agricultural economy in the country. This contribution is about eight lakh crore rupees. The total value of milk production is more than the total value of cereals and pulses. In this system the livestock owners have got freedom. Similar freedom will be given to small and marginal farmers growing cereals and pulses through the Agriculture Act.
It is also not that agricultural laws were enforced accidentally. Reforms were being demanded for years. Congress had promised such reforms in the election manifesto. The Agriculture Minister of the UPA government had also started a campaign for this. Many farmers’ organizations also demanded earlier. Under the Agriculture Act, the farmer has been given the option to sell the grain anywhere. Narendra Modi said that the same people of the opposition are misleading the farmers. He too was in support of these agricultural reforms during his government. But he could not show the courage to take a decision while in his government.

The government is ready to solve the apprehension.

The government itself had proposed talks with the agitators. Several rounds of talks took place. Narendra Modi said that the government is ready round the clock to solve every apprehension of the farmers. Farmers’ interest has been one of the top priorities of our government from day one. Efforts were made to reduce the expenditure of farmers on farming and increase profits. Farmers were given options. Decisions were taken to overcome their difficulties. The farmers of the country are with the government. The movement of Delhi border should be seen only as an exception. That is why Narendra Modi said that almost the whole country has blessed him. Farmers from every corner of the country have blessed. He expressed confidence that this power of blessings of farmers across the country, those who are spreading illusions, people who are bent on doing politics, who are throwing guns on the shoulders of farmers, all the aware farmers of the country will defeat them too.


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